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Funerals and Memorials

Honouring your loved one

One of the hardest things we have to do in life is say goodbye to someone who has died. How we say goodbye matters.

For some that farewell is at a funeral - that may be a burial or a cremation, or it may be later at a memorial. There is no right or wrong way to honour our dead and there is no set way to grieve. 

Together we can organise a ceremony that is as individual as your lost one and as individual as your grief. 

Testimonials: Services
Testimonials: Testimonials

Thank you for your support both before and on the day of the funeral. We all felt that you did a good job of understanding what we wanted to say about Ted and about what we wanted to achieve through the service in honour of the person that he was.

You were a great support on the day and as I said before, I think that T would have liked you so it felt fitting that you were our celebrant.

Karin P.  Diss

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